Saturday Ride

Two and half hours in Frick.

I ran into Dave and Aaron, and we did a loop together, then they went home. Aaron just bought a mountain bike, a fine Gary Fisher 29er (I think).

The trails were in perfect winter condition–hard-packed snow and very solid frozen ground. It’s the first time I haven’t rinsed mud off the bike when I got home. I managed three and half loops, consisting off:

1. Up Falls Ravine, across Lower Riverview, and down Fire Lane.
2. Up Falls Ravine to the Bowl singletrack, then down Iron Grate (best trail ever!)
3. Up Fire Lane to Lower Riverview, then across the Meadow to Iron Grate.
4. Up Braddock Trail, through the loop behind the Bowling Greens, then home.

Iron Grate is really swell because it’s technical singletrack without involving steep drops and rock gardens.

Besides Dave and Aaron, I only saw one other rider today, though given the tracks on the trail, quite a few folks had be out at some point.