Weekend Update

Fine weather around the ‘burgh this weekend.

Saturday, after tackling the task of trimming the too-large hedgerow next to our house, I spun out on the Surly in search of dirt roads north of the city. The goal was to recce Old Mill Road between Fox Chapel Road and Route 910. Being who I am, my proposed “easy” way of getting involved far too much climbing (including the long grind up to Dorseyville from Sharpsburg and a steep pitch or two on Fox Chapel Road). Old Mill was, however, a perfect downhill roller coaster on a combination of old asphalt and gravel. Having not thought through the return trip from 910, I turned around and enjoyed the dirt (and the hills) again. It’s really an odd, amazing stretch of road in the middle of such an affluent area. Perfectly ridable on 28mm tyres (and 25s would have probably survived).

Today the family, along with several friends, took the trip to Coopers Rock for a day of bouldering. The highlight was Sebastien during his first real bit of roped climbing up a 15 foot slab, with me hip belaying at the top. He made it about 3/4 of the way up, and had a blast. He was so excited that he wore his climbing shoes for the hike out.