Independence Day Populaire

Here we go again. I couldn’t resist organizing another ride for BikeFest. The route is here, though it will subject to a change or two after the recce. It is a combination of several rides from Oscar Swan’s book (specifically Wildwood and SR228). It’s about half as hilly as the Iron City Populaire, with the return leg being mostly flat or downhill (save for the zoo hill at the finish). Start and finish will be at Tazzo d’Oro (if I learned one thing with the Iron City Populaire, it was keep the finish close to your house so you don’t have to add another 7 miles to the day to get home), with the ride beginning at 8:30AM. I’ll be skipping the time limit and any checkpoints during the ride–I didn’t really do anything to enforce it, and there’s no need to confusion anyone. More details will be available here.